Leading the Way in Women’s Health

For over twenty-five years, Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (MDL) has pioneered innovative testing solutions and cutting-edge technology and is a leading provider of specialty laboratory services in Women’s Health. MDL is proud to provide clinically-effective testing not offered by other laboratories for genetic and infectious disease testing. The new look of the original OneSwab® includes all the science and leading innovations expected from the gold standard in women’s health clinical diagnostics.

Our Women’s Health specialty testing services span the various ages and stages of a woman’s life. MDL offers an extensive menu of assays for the detection of multiple pathogens associated with sexually transmitted diseases and urogenital infections, pregnancy, genetic carrier screening, and cancer risk. The unrivaled sensitivity and specificity of the Real-Time PCR method in detecting infectious agents provide the clinician with an accurate and rapid means of diagnosis. This valuable diagnostic tool will assist the clinician with diagnosis, early detection, patient stratification, drug prescription, and prognosis.

Diagnostic Advantages:

  • 90+ pathogens from one vial
  • DNA amplification via PCR technology
  • Microbial drug resistance profiling
  • High-precision robotic accuracy
  • High diagnostic sensitivity & specificity
  • Specimen viability up to 5 days after collection
  • Test additions available up to 30 days after collection
  • No refrigeration required before or after collection
  • Blood and excess mucus will not affect results