Pharmacogenomics is the science of how an individual’s genetic makeup can influence the way they metabolize drugs; and therefore, how long a drug stays effective in their system thereby predicting how an individual will respond to drugs based on their genetic variability. Pharmacogenomics testing can offer assistance in determining the choice of drug to avoid adverse effects as well as dose selection, to help achieve a more personalized solution for patients and optimal benefits.

Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (MDL) offers a broad menu of Pharmacogenomics testing using state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. From a patient’s blood or saliva specimen, germline DNA is extracted for testing. This extracted germline DNA is used to prepare a library of short fragments that represent the genes of interest. This allows the patient’s DNA sequence to be read many times over, sometimes referred to as deep sequencing, so that we can detect, with a very high degree of confidence, all of the heritable DNA variants present.

Pharmacogenomics Hand - Illustration